Roofing TRAPEZ 40

Roofing TRAPEZ 40

Trapezoidal sheet TR-40, whose main feature is extraordinary durability when heavy loaded, is available in a standard trapezoidal design with additional reinforcements in the lower area of sheet metal that create a better aesthetic effect on the roof and further strengthen entire area. Covering width trapeze sheet TR-40 is 1000 mm, the height of the rib is 40 mm, which gives the plate a wide range of applicability. trapeze sheet TR-40 is basically produced from a powder-painted galvanized sheet metal of different thicknesses. On request we also produce it from Al-sheet, galvanized and stainless steel. Trapeze sheet TR-40 is a flexible solution, so it can be installed on various kinds of sub-structures, such as concrete, steel, wood, etc. It is also possible to use it in the arc curved roofs or walls. It is fixed with special screws with neoprene pad and rider in the upper area of ​​the profile roofing. We recommend professional installation.

Roofing colors

We can supply you with roofing in the following color shades:

RAL 3009 - gloss or matte

RAL 5010 - gloss

RAL 6005 - gloss or matte

RAL 7016 - gloss or matte

RAL 8004 - gloss or matte

RAL 8017 - matte

RAL 8019 - gloss or matte

RAL 9002 - gloss

RAL 9005 - gloss or matte

RAL 9006 - gloss

RAL 9007 - gloss