Roofing elements

We also work according to your plans.


Ridges are produced in different colors and are also available in two roofing design options: Ridges are Produced in variety of colors and for the roofing there are two design options: semicircular-saddle with hood of the 1000 mm length level-prismatic, with an optional cover That has a length (this is defined by the length of the ridge) Ridge on the sub-structure is attached through the base by covering and fastening with screws for firm securing of the roofing. Special version ridge is so-called ridge ventilation, Which we manufacture per order ACCORDING tothe exact and specific parameters of the roof.


Wind lath

The wind lath has the function to protect the roofing sheets from side winds. It also has the esthetic function. Depending on the type of the wind lath, the installation is done before or after the installation of roofing sheets.

Ponujamo vam zgornje Vetrne obrobe, ki se montirajo že na položeno kritino, ali pa spodnje obrobe, ki pridejo pod kritino.


Drip edge

Drip edge closes the space between the roofing and gutter. The main function is the proper water drainage from the roof into the gutter (to prevent possible recourse). Since the lower cover edge of the roof also has an aesthetic function.

Chimney flashing

Chimney flashing has the same function as wall flashing. The flashing is installed together with the roofing sheets.

Snow barriers

Classical snow barriers prevent slipping snow from the roofs. They are made of sheet metal in the color of the roofing with length of the 1200 mm. screwed with screws for fastening sheet metal roofing (8 pieces per 1 snow- stopping unit ). Snow barriers are raised alternately in two rows along the entire length of the roof from the eaves to the length of 6 m, and in these three rows in the length of the eaves of 6 m. Mandatory snow-stopping unit is mounted in each ad Queuing window.

TOČKOVNI SNEGOBRANI, ki so primerni samo za opečne oblike.


Pri nas lahko dobite vse elemente za odvajanje vode v standardni velikosti 330.


Katalog kritin

Oglejte si naš novi katalog strešnih kritin in krovsko kleparskih izdelkov preko spodnjega gumba