Presented installation instructions are only valid for sheet metal NORMAL and KLASIK.

Plates are always laid from the left to the right direction with verge lap, to the right panel ( these panels are laying ) to the left ( already placed ) but only 1 wave .

e Normal and Klasik roof covering in the tile form is usually supplied in 1 piece. But if the desired length is too long for transporting, they can also be supplied in two or more parts, whereby it is necessary to observe the 150mm overlap for every subsequent sheet. The Normal roof covering is 1,150mm wide, while its net coverage is 1,085mm. The Klasik roof covering is 1,221mm wide, while its net coverage surface is 1,140mm. The roof covering must be 70mm longer than the roof truss. This part of the roof covering is lowered to the gutter, and this must be observed when ordering the roof covering of your choice. deskanje folija_01 folija_02 latanje pravi_kot
The wall flashing protect walls in places where the roofing sheets reach the walls, prevent water from getting to the inside of buildings, and drain water to gutters. Depending on the type of the wall flashing, the installation is done before or after the installation of roofing sheets. zidna_obroba zidni_zakljucek
The wind lath has the function to protect the roofing sheets from side winds. It also has the esthetic function. Depending on the type of the wind lath, the installation is done before or after the installation of roofing sheets. veterna_obroba_02 veterna_obroba_01
A roof valley can serve to collect and drain roof water, or it can have the function of the roof gutter. The roof valley is installed before the installation of roofing sheets. zlota zleb lom_strehe
The following figures show a plan of view to the diverse roofs ( first image ) the method of covering the roof with such determination number of needed panels to cover seen on the (second picture). streha plosce
Chimney flashing has the same function as wall flashing. The flashing is installed together with the roofing sheets. polaganje_05 polaganje_06 polaganje_07polaganje_04polaganje_03
Two featured types of the ridge :
  • semicircular - basket with cover length 930mm,
  • level - prismatic ridge, which is determined with the length of the ridge (ie. this means the transport)
  • Technical characteristics of both types of ridge tiles are comparable, the biggest difference lies in the main appearance of the ridge. slemenjak_01 slemenjak_02 slemenjak_03 slemenjak_04 slemenjak-2