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MEBI Ltd. , invites you into the world of sheet metal roofing, where in addition to low pricing we offer a very rich set of a different implementations of roofing, how it looks and what purpose have our roofinggalanterija, you will find and eventually realize browsing thru our website , where we offer a wide range of shapes, colors of decking materials and other fixtures material , which you will need for a sophisticated look of your home. Join US!

If you already chose your selected roofer and definitely decided to go with him, please come together to our office where you will have better and easier presentation of our offer. With our correct references for your making of the right selection.

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Something regarding our roofing:


Roofing is made of hot dip galvanized metal or AluZink sheet, and is available in the following formats/shape Normal, Classic, Trapeze 10, 20, 40  and corrugated. All of our decking materials are available by applying counter condensing felt. In our company, we also offer variety of gutters, and fast, efficient installation of our decking contractors.

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